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Fishing is a form of expression in which individuals can fully release their inner emotions to truly captivate an audience. For us, we like to use tools such as "Nets" and "Fishing Rods" to serenade the fishies to come to us and hop into our inventories. Now, why might you want to fish? Well, as of posting this guide, you can buy Red Vine Worms for 14,200 GP and fish up Rocktails with level 92 fishing to sell for 32,606 GP! That's like taking your money and multiplying it by... 2.296 per rocktail caught! That's a lot of money!

Now I know you're all asking yourselves, "Man this sounds AWESOME! Where do I get started?" and let me tell you, it IS AWESOME! To get started, we're going to use the magic that is the Skills Tab! See that thingy with bars in it on the right side of your client's screen? Well, we're going to click on that and click on the Fish which are both highlighted in this picture!

now you should be at an area that looks like this!

Okay... So maybe it doesn't look QUITE like this; HOWEVER, FEAR NOT! This is just a helpful little single-screen diagram! Here's a little key for it!


In the shop I've highlighted everything you'll need! For now you don't need much money at all. In fact, until level 92, all you'll need is 541 GP! When you get to 92 though, you'll need another 156 GP for the Fly Fishing Rod as well as a suggested 383,400 GP for Red Vine Worms to get your first inventory of Raw Rocktails (which you can proceed to sell for more Red Vine Worms!).


This is where you'll be banking your fish when your inventory gets full!

Here's the first place you'll fish where you'll be catching Shrimp and Anchovies until level 40!


Fish here with your Lobster Pot from levels 40 to 76 when you can catch sharks!


Here's where you'll slow down a lot with your catch rate and start getting Sharks. This part is a lot more afkable than the earlier ones, although if you'd like there's nothing stopping you from continuing with lobsters.


Now you head down and left (or north east on the compass) to find this little spot to fish the ROCKTAILS.

If you followed my exact money guide, then your inventory will look like this after you've caught three rocktails. From here on out it's smooth sailing to fish up that 99 fishing!